CLO2 Industrial Tablet

CLO2 Industrial Tablet

Our Exalters® MediGard™ CLO2 Industrial Tablet 3g is a compact and stabilized tablet containing sodium chlorite that releases chlorine dioxide upon dissolving in water.

Upon further dilution with the appropriate amount of water, it can be used to sterilize the environment and solid surface by fogging, spraying, wiping and soaking in the chlorine dioxide containing water. CLO2 treated tap water has satisfied the Tap Water Quality Standard of many countries over the world including USA, Canada and Japan.

CLO2 Industrial tablet is imported from Japan and fully approved by and complied with following Japanese Health Authorities and Regulations :-

  • Standard Food Addictive Board
  • Japan Food Research Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
  • Water Supply Law
  • Swimming Pool Water Regulation
  • Bathtub Water Regulation

Besides sterilizing the environment, chlorine dioxide is also a strong deodorant. If effectively reduces the content of smelly compounds, such as trimethylamine, methy mercaptan, acetal dehyde and ammonia rendering the atmosphere fresh and clean.

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