Ultimate Health Protector Tag

Ultimate Health Protector Tag

Our Exalters® HealthGard™ The Ultimate Health Protector is imported from Japan and fully approved by and complied with following Japanese Health Authorities and Regulations :-

  • Standard Food Addictive Board
  • Japan Food Research Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
  • Water Supply Law
  • Swimming Pool Water Regulation
  • Bathtub Water Regulation
Exalters® Chlorine Dioxide (clo2)

Prime is currently incorporating the American and Japanese advance chlorine dioxide technology into new consumer products.

Benefit of stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

The superiority of stabilized chlorine dioxide over chlorine as sterilising agent provides means for protecting human and animal against a wide range of harmful microorganism including air-borne multiple resistant bacteria and viruses.

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide safety

Effective stabilized chlorine dioxide emitting and low concentration of chlorine dioxide has been approved by most health authorities in the world including FDA & EPA of USA and Japanese Health Authorities.

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