• AestheticGard™ Radiant Hair  Energy Growth Treatment

    AestheticGard™ Radiant Hair Energy Growth Treatment

    AestheticGard™ Radiant Hair Energy Growth Treatment enriched with stem cell activator activates and restores hair follicles, therapy for slow hair growth, thinning hair, bald patches, premature balding and other hair loss problems.
  • MediGard™ Nanosilver Active

    MediGard™ Nanosilver Active

    Nanosilver Active Solution useful in promoting wound healing and as antiseptic for cuts, wounds, bed sores and diabetic wounds
  • AestheticGard™ Natural Cleanser

    AestheticGard™ Natural Cleanser

    Cleansing bars formulated with nanosilver active, bring back the glory of soap since Roman Empire
  • HealthGard™ Ultimate Health

    HealthGard™ Ultimate Health

    Ultimate Health Protector Tag safeguards your family, protect the bearer of the tag from bacterial and viral infection
  • HealthGard™ Voilá

    HealthGard™ Voilá

    Voilá Health booster for man, uniquely formulated with natural plant extracts that to provide natural enhancement to Male’s Virility, Vitality, Energy, Stamina, Endurance

Welcome to Prime Oleochemical Industries

Prime Oleochemical Industries Sdn Bhd started as a commodities trader in the mid-seventies under the name, Prime Commodities (M) Sdn Bhd, exporting Malaysia’s primary commodities such as palm oils, palm oil products, rubbers, timbers, cocoa beans and others. The inevitable step forward would be the utilisation of these local primary commodities to manufacture downstream products for local and export markets.

Long and heavy commitments in research and development were made in early eighties in this area. Intensive research programs were centered on the fast expanding palm oil industry. In the mid-eighties, the first factory was constructed to reprocess palm oils into suitable starting materials for making end-products and the second factory was completed in 1988, followed by the production of consumer products such as transparent soaps, industrial detergents, health and body care products.gmp